I Dr. Aswathi, first came to Deepa’s clinic for cosmetic treatment for acne and to remove the scars, during the session, I mentioned her about my PCOS and my history of Amenorrhea since 3yrs she shared her experience in treating PCOS and I requested her to please do the acupuncture therapy for me, and I have gone for 2 sessions only and after 2months of the 2nd session I got my periods back, now since 1yr, My periods are regular. Yesterday I got my doppler done and now to my surprise it was found that both my ovaries were normal without any cysts, and also Deepa did lymphatic drainage for me once in the 2nd course as I mentioned to her that I had Rt kidney dilatation and related issues and yesterday’s report said that both the kidneys where normal I also had insomnia &stress for almost 3 yrs and she had also treated me for that now I’m sleeping well and my stress issues are also far better, I hope this wonderful method of Alternative therapy reach to many suffering humanity and shall be cured … Thankyou, Deepa for your help and the healing sessions you gave me.